martes, 8 de noviembre de 2016


“A new kind of militia has been born, unknown to the past centuries, whose fate is to fight without truce a double combat against the flesh and the blood and against the evil spirits that live in the airs…” Bernard de Clairvaux 

Templi Unam was formed in a convergence of two Temples. Templi Boreas Aurora in North Albania and M.G.H.S.N. in South Albania. North Pole-South Pole. Since this past November, of the year 126 of the New Era, the convergence happened as a celestial strategy the very Gods put into place. Whilst both Temples are Esoteric Hitlerist and Armanen, neither Temple knew of each others existence. Both were fighting in the same manner against the same enemy. That is to say, an astral battle, a psychic battle, a battle within and without. The convergence was a natural permeation. Now, the Two as One. Manu-Unam. Ur-Ru. United and Separated. 

The Esoteric Hitlerists of the entire world are joining under the banner of Templi Unam. We now also have a female Order alongside the Brotherhood. An Order of Mystical Virgins of the Avatara, Virgines Sorores Glacies. The mystical Virgins of the Ices are the Pole, they are the center, they are the protectors of the purity of Templi Unam. They keep the sacred flame burning. The Hyperborean Virgins of the Avatara have been solidified into this tormented world and now Master Serrano smiles upon us from the Morning and Evening Star, as cathedral bells echo out faintly, in a distant Thule. 

Templi Unam/M.G.H.S.N. (Mystical Warrior Brotherhood of the Black Sun), is a hermetic society, founded in Chile in November 1989, as a dependent association and heiress of two brotherhoods of its same ritual and affiliation, being one of them Ordo Novi Templi, the ONT, of Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels, whose symbols it preserves. 

This order transmits to their brothers and sisters a traditional sense of life, deeply rooted in ancestral lineage, and inspired in a cosmogony revealed for these particular times, in a way that merges paths, visions, poetics, speculations of different places and ages, all unified with El Cordon Dorado, which connects to a filogenetic origin. This intimate identity of the superior human spirit with a plural divinity, converging with IndoEuropean paganism and their mysteries, which, in a late period, acquires a reactive position in relation to monotheism, through the Gnosticism of the first Piscean years. The ancient voice survives in the center of the obscurity and in the will of the Alchemy that the survivor builds up to the final irruption of a modern Gnosis, which the Aryan soul has collectively projected through their last Visionaries. Three are the laric-vocal geniuses that, in the recent epoch, and with a rising clarity, gave answers to the major concerns of human kind, in relation to life and death. These are the Masters: Guido von List, John Rudolf Gorsleben and Miguel Serrano. 

Since March of this year we use a black page in binary code, put in the new illusory net of the electron without life, because from March of this year it has been authorized, the Temple Order's manifestation as a static and monologic presence, which does not look for followers nor for the diffusion of its rules. For this reason we answer to Julian the Apostate in such a way: we will not write about that which is not spoken, we will not disclose what shall not be disclosed, we will not pronounce what shall not be pronounced. This is an internal and personal path, where more than knowing, the important thing is Being. The silence builds the walker’s way… “

Ad maiora nati sumus” 

Grand Master Alfred